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Welcome to Promotional Prep's Home Study program. The team at Promotional Prep has put together a series of on-line preparation programs designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates preparing for their upcoming company officer exams. In the following program(s) you will be placed in the world of company officer. Throughout the programs within this section you will be confronted with structure fires, hazardous material incidents, structural collapses, and supervisory challenges and responsibilities all in an attempt to challenge, evaluate, and measure your readiness for your upcoming promotional exam. From a careful review of the job analysis and test subject areas outlined for each rank, our on-line programs are designed to prepare for your new career.

You will only be able to access the program once after payment. We suggest that once you pay and enter into the program, copy and save the material.

ATTENTION: As of 9-26-2014, our online sign up for programs is not available, please contact us directly at NEW PROGRAMS AND SIGN UP COMING SOON!

Are you ready?

Promotional Prep's Home Study for Lieutenant and Captain
Program # 1 contains:
  • Private Dwelling structure fire - Multiple choice exam
  • High Rise fire - Oral assessment exercise
  • Taxpayer structure fire - Multiple Choice exam
  • Supervisory challenge - Oral Assessment
  • Light weight Frame/Private dwelling - Oral Assessment

Promotional Prep's Home Study for Company Officer
Program # 2 contains:
  • Rooming House fire - Oral Assessment exercise
  • Supervisory challenge - Oral assessment exercise
  • Commercial Structure Fire - Oral Assessment exercise
  • Developing and delivering a training session - Oral Assessment exercise
  • Natural Gas leak in a Structure - Oral Assessment exercise
  • Roof Operations at a structure fire - Oral Assessment exercise

Promotional Prep's Home Study for Chief Officer
Program # 3 contains:
  • Private Dwelling structure fire - Multiple choice exam
  • Residential High-Rise fire - Multiple choice exam
  • Strip Mall fire - Short answer essay
  • Multiple Dwelling fire - Short answer essay
  • Warehouse fire - Oral assessment exercise
  • Administrative assignment, Apparatus purchasing - Oral assessment exercise
  • Supervisory exercise, counseling a subordinate officer - Oral assessment exercise

Promotional Prep's Home Study for Chief Officer
Program # 4 contains:
  • Exercise # 1 - 50 question, Scenario based multiple choice exam
  • Exercise # 2 - Short answer essay, Row frame structure fire
  • Exercise # 3 - Short answer essay, Taxpayer structure fire